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HLMR Luxury is a luxurious multi-brand shopping experience that is inspired by elegance and luxury from everyday life. Exclusivity and quality is our common theme. This sometimes means working with the big international brands and sometimes with the smaller craftsmen. What all brands have in common is that passion is leading.

Creating a place where you can find the best lifestyle equipment, from (niche) perfume, high-quality shaving products to handmade leather luxury games.

Life is too short for boring stuff. HLMR Luxury offers luxury for the real man, who is innovative, successful and confident. A man who dares to take risks, who does not follow the rules, but who determines the rules.

HLMR Luxe · Waar luxe een mannenwereld ontmoet!

Gelegen in het oostelijke deel van Amsterdam. Een gebied dat vroeger werd gedomineerd door handel Het havengebied werd aan het eind van de negentiende eeuw aangelegd om de handel met Nederlands-Indië te vergroten. Nu is een dag getransformeerd naar een van de meest populaire wijken van Amsterdam.

Alleen open op afspraak.


Tailored advice. A service that can be found earlier at a clothing store, but also at HLMR Luxury. For example, we offer assistance in finding the right perfume. On the basis of a personal conversation we choose some scents that best suit your needs.

Do not feel like looking at ghosts? HLMR Luxury also offers private shopping. Unpaid shopping. This is possible in the showroom in Amsterdam, but is also possible on location.


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